What are the Chemical Peels?

Though surgical facial rejuvenation procedures are often quite effective, they can also come at a cost. These procedures can produce scarring and require long recovery times. Avoid invasive surgeries – experience quality facial revitalization with the help of a chemical peel. With the chemical peel, you can get smooth, beautiful skin, taking years off of your appearance.

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Recovery After Your Chemical Peel

Some patients experience discomfort after a deep chemical peel, but this can be controlled with medication. A few days after the procedure, new skin with a bright pink color akin to sunburn will emerge. This pinkness will fade within a few days, as the new skin gets stronger and more resilient. Post-operative puffiness of the skin will also subside in a few days, but the skin will remain sensitive. Patients should avoid exposure to sunlight and continue to use sun block for a few weeks after a deep chemical peel treatment.